Yavneh Minyan of Flatbush - Membership & Seats - 5777

On-Line Reservation Form

We are currently accepting on-line reservations for Minyan members. Please make your membership and seat selections below.

You will be asked to enter your name, address, and email information in the subsequent PayPal checkout screens. If you have not recently completed our membership information survey, please also complete and return the full application found at http://www.yavnehminyan.org/seats.pdf.

If you have any questions about membership or seats, please email seats@yavnehminyan.org

Step 1: Membership and Building Fund

Please select your membership category and Building Fund option. We request that all members contribute to the Building Fund, as their financial circumstances permit.

Family Membership: Dues + Building Fund
Family Membership Dues ($420)
+ $50 Building Fund contribution = $470
Family Membership: Dues Only
Family Membership (Dues only)

Individual Membership:
Dues + Building Fund = $345

Individual Membership Dues ($295)
+ $50 Building Fund contribution = $345

Individual Membership:
Dues Only = $295

Individual Membership (Dues only)

Step 2: Seats

Please select the type(s) of men's and/or women's seats that you need. You will be able to indicate quantities - as well as special seating requests - on the shopping cart screen.

Note: To inquire about non-member seats, please email seats@yavnehminyan.org. Seats may be available at a non-member rate beginning September 25.

Seat (member, men's section)

Seat (member, women's section)

Seat (non-member, men's section)

Seat (non-member, women's section)

Step 3: Additional Donations

We are trying to maintain an affordable dues structure, while continuing to meet the Minyan's needs. Unfortunately, membership dues alone are not enough to meet the Minyan's operating costs. At this especially appropriate time, we urge all who can to help us with a special donation.